AUG 2015

PITT Inventory Services

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A quality inventory service comes from clear goals and expectations. A quality inventory company will first determine what a client expects, and will ask a lot of questions! It is very important that the inventory provider finds out as much as they can about the client’s systems, processes, operations, challenges and goals.

Once these questions are answered and there is a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished they will then customize a plan to achieve its goals.

This plan will consist of communicating the client’s BOS company to be sure the interface is tested and seamless. They will then put together the appropriate team of experienced inventory auditors who will perform accurate inventory audits using the today’s latest technology.

Prior to and immediately following the physical inventory the team will communicate with management to be sure the proper items are being counted and that nothing is missed; this is also achieved through a tagging system.

Any major discrepancies will then be addressed and investigated on the spot. Upon completion of the inventory, audit reports will be provided or the data will be uploaded into the inventory module of the BOS. There will then be an Inventory Observation Analysis provided to the client and the client will be asked to provide feedback regarding the inventory audit and team.

After the process is complete and if a problem is uncovered the inventory company will continue to work with the client to resolve the issues. A good inventory counting service delivers actionable intelligent information.