PITT Inventory Overview

PITT Inventory specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of industry-leading inventory auditing, analysis, management and optimization solutions across multiple industries.

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About PITT Inventory

At PITT Inventory, you can rely on us for cost effective inventory optimization solutions. By leveraging our human and technological resources, we make it possible for small and midsized companies to harness the power of our solutions to optimize stocking levels, eliminate waste and theft, and maximize revenue and growth.

We understand that every business is unique and there are no cookie-cutter inventory solutions. This is why we start our clients off with a complimentary meeting to evaluate the needs of your business. By tailoring a custom solution to meet the individual needs of our clients we have positioned ourselves as market leader in the inventory optimization industry.

To find out about how PITT Inventory can increase your bottom line, please email us at info@pittinventory.com, call us at 412.563.1945 or fill out Contact Us form.

  • PITT Inventory is the premier inventory auditing company in the physical inventory industry.
  • We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate inventory audit information.
  • Our trained, direct employees Inventory Audit Professionals have an average of 5+ years experience.


Not only do we have the best inventory auditors in the industry, we also utilize the newest, best inventory audit equipment. Our inventory audit devices give us the ability to also audit our data collected before it is uploaded into your system or passed on to you.


The advantages are now very clear and this is exactly why so many companies have switched to PITT Inventory. Our expert inventory auditors combined with the latest industry technology enables us to provide to you 100% accurate inventory audit results.


We will determine for you the exact number of items you have on hand for all your products and present it to you in the customized format required to increase profits. We will also process and upload it to your back office software real time upon physical inventory completion.

Inventory Team

Our inventory audit experts are not from staffing firm nor are they temps. We have only highly trained, experienced inventory audit professionals on staff. Again, these are direct employees of PITT Inventory that will provide you with accurate inventory data at all your sites.

Our Skills

Our skills are consistently refined from simple basic math all the way to the industry's most accurate and latest technology. We are not the here's what you have see you next month company. We are PITT Inventory the industry's elite always polishing our skills and communicating with you on how we can do it better month after month.

Yes we are! From our appearance when we walk through your door to providing you with the accurate data required to improve your bottom line at the end of the day we are professional. We look and dress as the industries best. We've been told our monthly presence alone has improved our clients business. In addition, we communicate properly with a customer asking where a product may be all the way to the manager prior to departing for the day.
This is why our company was started and why 70% of our current clients have switched to PITT Inventory. Accuracy starts with our inventory auditors and ends with them auditing themselves. We hire the best of the best and they stay with us period! We do not start our inventory auditors out at minimum wage and we pay more than the industry average. They are happy to work with a great company and passionate about your business which results in 100% accuracy. COUNT ON US!
Our founders come from Information Technology backgrounds and the technology end is what they work on every day. They do not sit in the office working on it either, they are actually out in the field doing physical inventory counts with our teams while implementing and teaching the technology. Have a question regarding technology? Pick the brain of one of our project managers, they will be glad to assist since they oversee 160 locations per month.
Communications is the key! We've been told "Now this is how you do it!" when consistently communicating with our clients. From something as simple as notifying you when one of our team members will be on vacation to "Hey thought you'd want to know this" to our predetermined periodical "checking in" it's what we do. We are your business partner.

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