Our Advantages

1We focus on 100% accuracy, NOT up to 2% inaccurate
2 Customized reporting, we adapt to your business.
3Personalized attention. You will have direct contact with your representative and project manager at all times.

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About us

PITT Inventory, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of industry-leading inventory analysis, management and optimization solutions across multiple industries.
Some of the services we provide our clients include:
  • Financial Inventory
  • Real Time Item-level Inventory
  • Price Book Setup & POS Implementation
  • Item – level Sales & Shrinkage Reporting
  • On-site Auditing and Compliance Verification
  • Warehouse – level Inventory
  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory Implementation
At Pitt Inventory, you can rely on us for cost effective inventory optimization solutions. By leveraging our human and technological resources, we make it possible for small and midsized companies to harness the power of our solutions to optimize stocking levels, minimize waste and theft, and maximize revenue and growth.
We understand that every business is unique, and there are no “cookie-cutter” inventory solutions. This is why we start our clients off with a complimentary meeting to evaluate the needs of your business. By tailoring a custom solution to meet the individual needs of our clients we have positioned ourselves as market leader in the inventory optimization industry.
To find out about how PITT Inventory can increase your bottom line, please fill out Contact Us form or call 412.563.1945.