Consulting Services / Price Book Set Up

Consulting Services / Price Book Set Up

Trust us to develop and implement an in-house inventory solution that fits your needs and budget. Our experience with point of sale, back office and inventory management will benefit you greatly. PITT Inventory has the experience and technology that you can rely on to develop and implement a customized in-house inventory solution for your company. Whether you have a retail establishment, a warehouse or a private company, we can custom develop an inventory solution that fits your company's need and budget.

PITT Inventory has the experience and technology that you can rely on to develop and implement a customized in-house inventory solution for your company.

Whether you have a retail establishment, a warehouse or a private company, we can custom develop an inventory solution that fits your company’s need and budget.

Typical services we provide for our consulting clients include:

  • Custom development of an inventory platform
  • Procurement of any necessary hardware
  • Baseline Data Collection
  • Inventory Procedure Development
  • Employee Training
  • Post Implementation Support Services

After purchasing your expensive new Point of Sale and/or Back Office System, we understand that you want it to be online and working for you as soon as possible!

  • No matter how big or small your store is, trying to build your own price book is a process that is fraught with headaches and challenges.
    It is a tedious, time-consuming process that requires long periods of focused, detail sensitive data entry.
  • Without the purchase of specialized handheld equipment all items must be carried from the shelf, scanned at the POS with the descriptions, retail pricing, department and category codes manually entered, and then carried back to the shelf.
  • Using store employees takes their focus off of customer service and store operations.
  • For a store with 2,000 – 4,000 items, an error rate of just 3% can cost you thousands of dollars each month!

Avoid headaches and long delays by hiring PITT Inventory do the work for you!

Our standard Price Book Setup services include the following:

  • An exhaustive department, category & item level database setup.
  • Universal system compatibility—our in-house developers will custom build your file to work with any POS or BOS…. With NO CHARGE for file development!
  • A wall-to-wall, item-by-item catalog of all merchandise in your store.
  • On-site development and transmission of your price book file.
  • Setup of all Price Levels and Price Promotion Groups.

Our technology is unsurpassed! Our systems support standard UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-39, CODE-32, EAN-128, UCC/EAN 128, CODE128, CODE-93, MSI/Plessley Code, CODE 11 as well as any other format!

Our goal is simple—to build your price book and help you achieve a 100% scanning rate on the same day!

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We are the best in town because we not only accurately collect your required data and report back to you in the format needed; we also work with you post-inventory audit to investigate and assess your current position real-time. We are not only the best, we are the only inventory company that works with you to increase your profits. You have access to your Inventory Specialists, Project Managers and Account Executives at all times.

What We Do

You will not dread inventory time with PITT Inventory as a part of your team. We will physically count your inventory accurately and efficiently! We then report on it in the agreed upon format. Outsourcing or third-party inventory keeps your entire team honest. Our team will partner with your team to produce the most accurate inventory audit results possible. Since we are in hundreds of stores per month we will also be able to give you insight as to what's going on and working in the business with strict confidentiality in mind of course.
An industry first ! Your inventory reports are viewable from everywhere in the world at anytime! Through our intranet you will be able to personally login and view inventory reports at you convenience. Long gone are the days where one has to stand around and wait for them with PITT Inventory's Online Reporting System. In addition you will be able to view and compare with previous inventory reports. We've been told by our clients that they especially like this when they are out of the office or have a scheduled vacation.
Our reporting format is compatible with all of our industries back office software! Once we've completed the physical inventory audit we will then create the uploadable file for your specific BOS. This file is then uploaded to your BOS adding the new physical inventory numbers and producing your discrepancy report. You then have the ability to see and act on your deficiencies. This is total control of your inventory.
The Inventory Observation Evaluation Analysis is another industry first from PITT Inventory. This is just another service provided as part of our inventory audit if you'd like us to. We've been doing it since day one and it's grown into an extremely valuable tool for ownership and management. We know you can't be in all your locations 24/7 so again we are there for you! While our primary goal is to provide you with accurate inventory data, if there are something's we think you should know we will let you know. There will be an agreed upon format that can be graded, points or percentages and pictures.
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Why Choose Us?

Your inventory is our passion! We do not count, hand you a piece of paper and run. What we do is communicate, plan, implement, interface, assess and excel at each and every inventory audit we do for you. You now see why PITT Inventory is the best in the industry.

  • Background and Experience
  • Trained Inventory Audit Professionals
  • Item-Level Inventory Auditing Since Day One
  • Back Office Software Interfacing Since Day One
  • Personalized Online Reporting and Inventory Observation Evaluation Analysis
  • Accurate and Efficient Physical Inventory Audit Data Results

Our Five Step Process

At PITT Inventory we take the hassle out of the inventory process. Our five step approach is designed to make this process easy and hassle-free.

  • Needs Analysis - Either over the phone or in person, our team will discuss your priorities and goals for your inventory project. We will review your current inventory procedures and offer solutions that will bring real value to your company's operations.
  • Planning - Our Project Manager will work with you to obtain your master price book file for pre-inventory planning, distribute a pre-inventory checklist to your store managers and schedule your project date.
  • Project Day - Our team of auditors will arrive at your location on time and ready to begin. Immediately, we will begin a wall-to-wall count and audit of all merchandise on the sales floor and in any storage areas.Following the inventory count, our team will remain on-site to generate all of the reports necessary for your project.
  • Post Project Investigation - Our team will review the results of all comparison, reconciliation and variance reports with your store manager immediately following the audit. We will work closely with your staff to investigate any overage or underage until a final determination can be made.
  • Final Report & Assessment - Within 1 business day following your project, a final report and assessment will be sent to and reviewed with your management team. This assessment will include all available reports, the results of any shrink investigation and recommendations to improve store operations going forward.

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