Our Five Step Process

At PITT Inventory we take the hassle out of the inventory process. Our five step approach is designed to make this process easy and hassle-free.

  1. Needs Analysis – Either over the phone or in person, our team will discuss your priorities and goals for your inventory project. We will review your current inventory procedures and offer solutions that will bring real value to your company’s operations.
  2. Planning – Our Project Manager will work with you to obtain your master price book file for pre-inventory planning, distribute a pre-inventory checklist to your store managers and schedule your project date.
  3. Project Day – Our team of auditors will arrive at your location on time and ready to begin. Immediately, we will begin a wall-to-wall count and audit of all merchandise on the sales floor and in any storage areas.Following the inventory count, our team will remain on-site to generate all of the reports necessary for your project.
  4. Post Project Investigation – Our team will review the results of all comparison, reconciliation and variance reports with your store manager immediately following the audit. We will work closely with your staff to investigate any overage or underage until a final determination can be made.
  5. Final Report & Assessment – Within 1 business day following your project, a final report and assessment will be sent to and reviewed with your management team. This assessment will include all available reports, the results of any shrink investigation and recommendations to improve store operations going forward.

At PITT Inventory, our commitment to you goes far beyond prompt service and accurate data collection.

Isn’t it time that your inventory service did more than just count and run?

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